Connecting, Supporting, Capacity Building

Volunteer Lethbridge exists as a support network for both volunteers and non-profit organizations to help them build capacity and thrive. Our aim is to safely provide opportunities for people to contribute to their community, and to offer continued aid and guidance to the change-makers.

We accomplish this through (1) connecting volunteers with ideal volunteer opportunities, and (2) giving non-profit organizations the help they need to run effectively.

Our Vision

Volunteer Lethbridge strengthens and sustains a healthy, vibrant community through support and advancement of volunteer excellence.

Our Mission

Volunteer Lethbridge builds connections and empowers individuals and organizations to enhance volunteerism and grow volunteer capacity.

Our Guiding Principles

Volunteer Lethbridge affirms that volunteerism is an essential and highly-regarded community value and strives to maintain and enhance its relevance in our community.

  • Make sure our programs, policies and principles reflect and support the rich diversity of the community we serve
  • Strive for excellence and professionalism in program delivery
  • Ensure our Board of Directors will safeguard its fiduciary responsibility to operate in an ethical, cost effective, and professional manner
  • Stay open, accessible and responsive to the community and is self-critical and innovative in developing services
  • Advocate for volunteers and volunteerism
  • Believe that partnerships with community stakeholders are key to advancing our mission

The History Of Volunteer Lethbridge

The roots of Volunteer Lethbridge go back to 1981 and we have had a Volunteer Centre in Lethbridge continuously ever since. In 1981, the YWCA started the Lethbridge Volunteer Bureau as a three-year federally funded project under what eventually became Human Resources & Skills Development Canada. At the end of the funding in 1984, the YWCA facilitated the transformation of the project to the independent not-for-profit status that we currently maintain.

The first home of the Lethbridge Volunteer Bureau was in the McFarland Building, where the YWCA administration and program staff resided during the construction of their new facility at 604 8th Street S. The Volunteer Bureau moved, with the YWCA, into the new building in 1983 and lived there until it became independent, at which time it moved into a north side location with the Lethbridge Shopper. Renamed the Community Volunteer Centre in the late eighties, the organization moved to the Bill Kergan Centre. In 2000 the organization was renamed Volunteer Lethbridge and in 2011 it moved to Deveta Place. A partnership struck with the University of Lethbridge saw another move in November 2013 to 324-5 Street South, Dr. Foster James Penny Building.

Over the years Volunteer Lethbridge has established a strong reputation as a leader in the voluntary and non-profit sector. Our services have grown and evolved to meet the needs of our member organizations and individual volunteers in the community. Our core funding comes from the Provincial Government, including FCSS (Family & Community Support Services) administered through the City of Lethbridge, and from the Enhanced Capacity Advancement Program. We supplement our funding base with grants and fundraising projects. Volunteer Lethbridge has a strong partnership with the City of Lethbridge in order to provide support to the Voluntary Sector in our community.


Our Team

Amanda Jensen 3

Executive Director

Amanda Jensen

Chelsea Eastman 3

Evaluation Manager

Chelsea Eastman

Shelly Ducheminsky 3

Office Manager

Shelley Ducheminsky

Camila's pic 2

Office Coordinator

Camila Dias

Nicole Bosh 2

Membership Manager

Nicole Bosh


Volunteer Coordinator

Michelle McCann

Jaixann Persigas

Junior Volunteer Coordinator

Jaixann Persigas

Noah- Sept. 11

UVOLUNTEER Coordinator

Noah Bay

Board of Directors 2023 - 2024

David Reeve Photo


David Reeve

Stephen Onyago


Stephan Onyango

Brian's pic 1


Brian Wichers

Lori Harasem - Photo


Lori Harasem

George 2


George Kuhl

12 Graeme FINAL copy


Graeme Dearden



Richard Low

Nicholas pi


Nicholas Fernandes

We are looking for Board Members

Our Board of Directors is elected from the membership and the community. The Board consists of no less than seven and no more than twelve Directors. The Board is charged with governance of the Association, on behalf of the membership.  Please email for more information.

Directors Terms

Board terms run for three years. The term begins at the Director’s election to the Board at an Annual General Meeting. Directors may be elected for two consecutive terms. Sometimes Directors join the Board between Annual General Meetings and are appointed as interim Directors until the next Annual General Meeting.

Board Meetings

Regular Board meetings are held monthly at 12:00 pm. Meetings usually adjourn by 2:00pm.