Organization Resources COVID-19

**This page will be continually updated with resources that may be of a support to agencies as they navigate this new “normal”**

Risk Mitigation for Front Line/Risk-Related Volunteering

Encourage Volunteers to:

  • Regularly wash hands and maintain good hygiene practices
  • Practice physical distancing: maintain 2m distance apart
  • Limit contact as much as possible
  • Ensure volunteers who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or if they or someone close to them has an elevated risk, stay home.
    • For more information about symptoms, those at elevated risk, and info on preventing the spread, click here.

Develop policies and procedures around COVID-19 and discuss these with your volunteers. Ensure volunteers follow up with you if they start having symptoms in the days following in-person volunteering.

Parenting in Isolation

Building Brains Together has put together a “Parenting in Isolation” survey to gather data on how isolation is affecting families. The survey has ethics approval through U of L.  We hope the research and findings can be used to help inform social supports and services in the Lethbridge area both for the remainder of the Covid-19 pandemic and in future emergency responses.  The survey is now live and can be found at  We would greatly appreciate your help sharing it with Lethbridge families.

Sector Resilience Grant Program

Additional support is necessary to cover core operational costs that allow charities to keep their lights on and continue their programming amidst the added challenges COVID-19 presents.

To ensure our sector is able to provide vital services amid rapidly rising costs, falling revenues, and, for many, a substantial increase in demand, Imagine Canada is urging the Federal Government to implement a Sector Resilience Grant Program. Canada’s charities and nonprofits require investment to survive this crisis and to help lead the recovery effort once society reopens.

Sign the letter here

Other Helpful Resources

  • Volunteer Management Tools (including a template for risk assessment): click here.
  • Advice for Volunteer Managers: click here
  • Recommendations for Best Practices: click here.
  • Workplace Guidance From the Province of Alberta: click here
  • Volunteering Screening Guidelines for During a Pandemic: click here
  • Tips for Engaging Volunteers: click here and, for engaging volunteers while programs are suspended, click here.
  • Creating Alternate Opportunities for Volunteers: click here
  • Information on Risk and Liability: click here. 
  • Suspension of Non-Essential Volunteer Activities: AHS has set out guidelines for which programs will continue, and which will be suspended (find those guidelines here). This may be helpful in determining which of your progrms you may wish to suspend or move to a remote option. 

Other COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits

  • Volunteer Alberta: click here
  • Alberta Nonprofit Network (ABNN): click here.
  • CCVO: click here
  • Volunteer Canada: click here

Fundraising and Donor CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Platforms


Micharity is committed to doing everything we can to help organizations like yours during this uniquely challenging time.

Starting today, we are waiving subscription fees for the Fundraising Platform for all new clients for your first 12 months. No hidden fees and no catch.

This is one area where we know we can make a difference in helping all non-profits raise donations online, manage your database and stay in touch with your donors with our mass email communication tools. We hope this makes things a bit easier.

We want to be responsible by offering a solution that makes sense for your organization and for ours as we navigate the path forward together.

For more information, schedule a call here.

Hosting a Successful Online Fundraiser:

Tips and hints can be found here.

Website and Tech Support

A nonprofit group has put together a list of individuals/agencies who are willing to help support nonprofits transition to a more remote way of business. To access this list and see what support is available, click here