Project Paintbrush was created to assist Lethbridge seniors and special needs homeowners who are physically and financially unable to paint their fences.

After a successful 16-year run, Volunteer Lethbridge will no longer be running the Project Paintbrush program. 

For almost 2 decades, volunteers have painted houses, fences, and decks for community members.  The program benefited the homeowner, reinstilling a sense of pride in property and in some cases, allowing seniors to stay in their homes longer.  We've had consistent feedback from volunteers that they've had a tremendous sense of fulfillment in participating in Project Paintbrush.

However, evolution is a necessary part of any organization and it it time for Volunteer Lethbridge to move on to other efforts.  There are new opportunities presenting themselves to us to serve, and that, coupled with the uncertain health and safety environment has led us to this decision.

We will continue to provide excellent service to volunteers looking for placements and for organizations needing volunteers in new ways....stay tuned!

Thank you to the homeowners, donors, sponsors and volunteers for all you have contributed to this program!

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