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Position #: 1986
OrganizationUniversity of Lethbridge - Pronghorns Booster Club
Position: UCup Team Host - The 2019 U SPORTS Cavendish Farms University Cup
Impact Statement: Mission: Assist in the promotion, development and financial contribution to and for the Pronghorn Athletic Teams and its athletes.

Vision: Encourage the involvement and active participation of University Members, businesses, alumni and community members in Pronghorn Athletics. Help ensure continued financial viability of the Athletic Programs.
Description: Team hosts are the first line of communication between the visiting teams and the event
organizers. As a Team Host you will serve as an ambassador for the Province of Alberta, the City
of Lethbridge and the 2019 U SPORTS Cavendish Farms University Cup Host Organizing Committee (H.O.C.).
Your role as a team host will be to act as the main point of contact for information flowing to and from the team throughout the event and is critical to their overall experience at the tournament.
Team Hosts report to the Host Coordinator, Rachel Clarke
Required Information: References Required
Training Details: An orientation will be held prior to your teams arrival. It will contain important information regarding the teams, contact information and a detailed schedule.
Working Conditions: As you are essentially your teams "go to" you will be required to be available 24/7 during the week of the tournament (March 10-18).
Minimum Duration: Special event
Timing: Anytime
Time Detail: Must be available 24/7 from March 18-18.
Special Event Start Date: 2019-03-10
Special Event End Date: 2019-03-18
Age: 18+
Ideal for: An Individual
Transportation: Car required
Area(s) of Interest: Driver/Transportation, Events/Fundraising, Recreation/Sports
Skill(s): Customer Service, Time Management, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Flexibility
How to Apply
Website: http://www.gohorns.ca/
Application File:
Email: Send an Email Message
Contact: Kayla Wurzer
Phone: 403-715-8665
Address: Lethbridge,
T1J 2B5
PHONE: 403-332-4320
FAX: 403-332-4321


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