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Why Volunteer?

Without community involvement, Volunteer Lethbridge couldn't exist, so thank you for your interest in volunteering. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant community that is open and welcoming to all.

Whatever your passion, abilities and schedule, it's our mission to connect you with volunteer opportunities where you can excel and make a real difference.

Whether you want to use your unique talents to help others, or you're looking to develop new, valuable skills for our province's competitive job market, we can match you with positive and meaningful volunteer opportunities that will help you help others - and yourself.

Volunteering allows every member of society to impact the community in a powerful way. It's the chance to give back, to strengthen bonds, and promote causes that will make real, lasting differences for all.

By getting involved with volunteering, we can:

Support strong, connected communities

Build capacity for organizations, enabling them to benefit all society

Nurture healthy, long-lasting relationships

These benefits are more than pleasant - they are foundational for a healthy, democratic society like Canada.

Not only does volunteering build a stronger, more connected community, but it also has some serious benefits for you, too.

Volunteer Health Benefits

🇨🇦 New To Canada?

It can be tough to enter the job market as a new immigrant. Certifications, skills and experience from other countries often don't translate to Canada, leaving many newcomers feeling lost and like  they're starting from scratch.

While you're waiting for your chance to forge your own destiny in Canada (designations, applications, etc.), volunteering can fill in those gaps, helping to clear the path to better employment opportunities for you in the future.

Volunteer roles related to your profession, education, and experience can help you in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Networking and building connections with others in your field of interest
  • Learning more about Canadian workplace culture
  • Practicing your English and sharpening other skills
  • Showing that you're a motivated, hard-working, and dedicated individual
  • Building confidence in yourself and in your employment search

Contact hello@volunteerlethbridge.com to get started!

Volunteer Preparation

Before you move on to Getting Started with volunteer opportunities, now is a great time to take a few moments for consideration. The self-evaluation and tips listed below will help to manage your (and others') expectations when applying to become a volunteer.

Self-evaluation before you volunteer

  • What skills do I bring to the table? Write down a list of your strengths. Click here for a template to help you get started.
  • What skills do I want to develop? Make a list of skills you'd like (or need) to learn.
  • What jobs don't I want to do? Set your boundaries by determining which jobs are not ideal for you.  Click here for a Window of Work template to assist you.
  • How much time can I commit? Get a general idea of how many hours per week you can devote to volunteering.

Tips for professionalism in your volunteer work

Before you volunteer (if possible)

  • Request a job-description from the organization you wish to volunteer with
  • Submit a clean, professional cover letter and resume
  • Promptly complete any required orientation and training

While volunteering

  • Request that your supervisor keep a record of your service
  • Record every volunteer job you do, and keep track of all your hours
  • When applying for new work opportunities, be sure to record all of your volunteering jobs on your resume
  • If unemployed for a period of time, put 'volunteer work' in place of 'paid employment'
  • Be present, proactive and positive in your position! Try to think up new ideas and strategies, and have fun getting to know the people you work with
  • Leverage connection opportunities to grow your network (socially and professionally)