Without community involvement, Volunteer Lethbridge couldn't exist, so thank you for your interest in volunteering. Together, we can build a stronger, more vibrant community that is open and welcoming to all.

Whatever your passion, abilities and schedule, it's our mission to connect you with volunteer opportunities where you can excel and make a real difference.

Whether you want to use your unique talents to help others, or you're looking to develop new, valuable skills for our province's competitive job market, we can match you with positive and meaningful volunteer opportunities that will help you help others - and yourself.

Volunteering allows every member of society to impact the community in a powerful way. It's the chance to give back, to strengthen bonds, and promote causes that will make real, lasting differences for all.

By getting involved with volunteering, we can:

Support strong, connected communities

Build capacity for organizations, enabling them to benefit all society

Nurture healthy, long-lasting relationships

These benefits are more than pleasant - they are foundational for a healthy, democratic society like Canada.

Not only does volunteering build a stronger, more connected community, but it also has some serious benefits for you, too.

Volunteer Health Benefits