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Volunteer Testimony of the Month

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Riley Thomas, 4th Year Finance, Modern Supply Chain and AgriculturePhoto of Riley Thomas, Volunteer of the Month. He is leaning against a window, wearing a blue suit jacket and button up shirt.

Riley is involved with the Management Students Society (MSS) and is the Director of the Etiquette Dinner. Since July he has tracked over 150 hours through UVolunteer with the MSS! 


How did you begin volunteering?

I began volunteering through the Dhillon School of Business. The majority of my volunteer hours have been with planning the Etiquette Dinner. That's the main area in which I am involved. 


What encouraged you to volunteer?

I wanted to get involved on campus while building my resume. 


What was your first volunteer experience while at the University of Lethbridge?

A few years ago I volunteered with the Career Fair. I also got involved with clubs like the Cancer Awareness Club, the Finance Club, and the Management Students' Society (MSS). With the MSS I do tabling, attend networking events, and am involved with planning various events such as the Etiquette Dinner and 5 Days for the Homeless.


How did you hear about the UVolunteer program? 

Before this year I wasn't using the website much. I applied for the UVolunteer Coordinator job and realized this resource was still out there. 


What's important to you about the UVolunteer program? 

I have the opportunity to track my hours and gain experience. Having the opportunity to be involved in the community. It is helpful having a website to track volunteer hours, as you become more aware of the commitment you're making. 


When did you begin recording your hours? How is it helpful for you?

I made an account through the UVolunteer program in 2018 but I didn't track my hours much. It wasn't top of mind to track them. But also, I was only putting in a few hours every couple of months. 

I'm planning on using the Student Experience Transcript (SET) program for my resume and for school, so I began tracking my hours more regularly this summer. 


What is the most rewarding part of volunteering for you? What, for you, are the benefits of volunteering?

Giving back to the community and gaining that network outside the university. Volunteering helps me build long-term relationships. Volunteering has helped my communication and time management skills while helping me build my resume and stand out. 


How do you see that your volunteer efforts make a difference?

My work has helped make the events I’m involved with potentially more successful, and other people who are in the club (MSS) can use me as an example when considering getting more involved.


What is your favourite experience you’ve had volunteering?

Being a part of Management Student Society, as it gives you diverse nature of events to attend. But also helps you get involved within Dhillon School of Business, but also helps me get involved within the community. My favourite experience would have been participating in Chillin' for Charity 2019, as not only was it a well-run event, but it allowed for a nice break from school, to raise money for a great cause.


What would you say to students who are considering volunteering? Who may be thinking of exploring the UVolunteer program?

It’s a great way to get involved and stand out, and it helps build fundamental skills. It also allows for you to get involved, and is also a resume booster.

UVolunteer provides great ways to get involved with volunteering, but also allows you to have some means of tracking hours, which can be really useful for school or other situations where you can specifically mention how involved you’ve been. It is nice that Volunteer, is starting to allow for printing of volunteer transcripts, this can help when applying for future jobs, as it shows community involvement.



The UVolunteer Program is a joint project between Volunteer Lethbridge and the University of  Lethbridge.  The University's philosophy of Liberal Education includes a focus on engaged citizenship to promote the public good, which has made a collaboration with Volunteer Lethbridge a natural fit. The program has been in development for several years and is currently laying a solid foundation for anticipated rapid growth to come.



UVolunteer will provide a framework for the many University of Lethbridge students who already volunteer to organize and document their volunteer work, as well as inspire and motivate more students to volunteer in their communities. This will create a campus culture that engages students, faculty, and staff,  improves student life, encourages community involvement on campus and in the surrounding community,  and attracts new students to the University by communicating the value and impact of civic engagement.  This program will set a standard across Canada for a Volunteer-University collaboration.



The UVolunteer Program combines the U of L's core philosophy of Liberal Education with the mission of  Volunteer Lethbridge, in a resourced partnership that includes both groups as well as the University's Student Union.



“UVolunteer” will: 

  • Connect students with volunteer opportunities within the University, Lethbridge, and area communities 
  • Build positive relationships with community organizations by providing a valuable human resource
  • Enhance the culture of volunteerism and engagement on campus
  • Increase volunteer opportunities associated with the University of Lethbridge
  • Engage students in experiential learning
  • Provide support to faculty to imbed volunteer opportunities in the classroom
  • Provide recognition to program participants
  • Inspire not for profit organizations to utilize student motivation and initiatives
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