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Brittany Dyck, 3rd Psychology MajorPhoto of Brittany Dyck, Volunteer of the Month. She is smiling at the camera and has glasses, long red hair and is wearing a white shirt and black cardigan

Brittany started tracking her hours with UVolunteer in January, since then she has volunteered over 150 hours with the Lethbridge Police's Victim/Witness Services as a Crisis Support Worker! After graduation she hopes to attend graduate school to complete a Master's in Counselling Psychology.


How did you begin volunteering? What encouraged you to volunteer?

I began volunteering by attending an informational event for Victim/Witness Services with the Lethbridge Police Services. The informational event was very motivational and encouraged me to apply for a volunteer position. I was encouraged to volunteer because I wanted to help give back to my community and to help individuals during their time of crisis.


What was your first volunteer experience while at the University of Lethbridge?

My first volunteer experience while at the U of L was with the Victim/Witness Services with the Lethbridge Police Services as a Crisis Support Worker.


How did you hear about the UVolunteer program? 

I first heard about the UVolunteer program during the New Student Orientation when I first began my undergraduate degree. I then heard about the UVolunteer program again in one of my classes when Lauren, the UVolunteer Coordinator, gave a quick presentation on the program.


What's important to you about the UVolunteer program? 

What's important to me about the UVolunteer program is the convenient tracking of my volunteer hours and that they encourage students, such as myself, to engage in volunteerism in the community.


When did you begin recording your hours? How is it helpful for you?

I began recording my hours shortly after I started volunteering, within the month. Recording my hours with UVolunteer makes my volunteer experience easier since it is convenient to keep track of my hours in one place and I can access my hours at any point. It is extremely helpful to me since it will make applying for grad school easier as I need to present all of my volunteer hours during my application, and they are accessible on the UVolunteer website.


What is the most rewarding part of volunteering for you? What, for you, are the benefits of volunteering?

The most rewarding part of volunteering for me is making a difference in someone's day and hopefully making their day a little bit better. The benefits of volunteering for me is getting real world experience in the human services field and expanding my knowledge. My volunteering experience will help me in the future when I apply for grad school and in acquiring a job when my schooling is completed.


How do you see that your volunteer efforts make a difference in your neighbourhood/community?

My volunteer efforst make a difference in my community since I am assisting individuals right after a crisis and for some time after the initial incident. I am helping victims/witnesses regain some control  in their life and build relationships with community supports by being a bridge to community resources. I am part of an amazing team of volunteers that also provide emotional support to victims/witnesses. I think this support creates a strong and healthy community.


What is your favourite experience you’ve had volunteering?

My favourite experience I had while volunteering is honestly the training that we got to engage in and the other victim/witness services volunteers that I've met in the process. I particularly enjoyed the tour we had of the Chinook Regional Hospital. It was very interesting seeing their different wings and learning about some of the services they provide.


How has volunteering helped you grow? Have you experienced anything you didn't expect? 

My volunteering has helped me grow in numerous ways. I have expanded my knowlegde with all the wonderful training that is provided and learned how to apply this knowledge in the real world. My volunteering has improved my communication skills, taught me about available community resources, and taught me how to perform better during emotional situations and interactions. I didn't expect I would use the skills taught to me during training in my personal life as much as I do.


What would you say to students who are considering volunteering? Who may be thinking of exploring the UVolunteer program?

I would say go for it and try out numerous volunteer positions. I highly recommend volunteering with the Victim/Witness Services Unit with the Lethbridge Police Services since they have a wonderful team, and the training they provide in phenomenal. Volunteering allows you to build strong community relationships and may open more doors for you in your future. I highly recommend registering with UVolunteer also since they know the struggles oyu go through being a student and volunteering. They are there for you and make recording your hours convenient.



The UVolunteer Program is a joint project between Volunteer Lethbridge and the University of  Lethbridge, established in 2015.  The University's philosophy of Liberal Education and focus on engaged citizenship to promote the public good has made a collaboration with Volunteer Lethbridge a natural fit. The UVolunteer partnership is overseen by the Executive Director of Volunteer Lethbridge and the Dean of the School of Liberal Education at the University of Lethbridge.



UVolunteer will provide a framework for the many University of Lethbridge students who already volunteer to organize and document their volunteer work, and inspire and motivate more students to volunteer in their communities. This will create a campus culture that engages students, faculty, and staff, and  improve student life, encourages community involvement on campus and in the surrounding community,  and attracts new students to the University by communicating the value and impact of civic engagement.  This program sets a standard across Canada for a Volunteer-University collaboration.



The UVolunteer Program combines the University of Lethbridge's core philosophy of Liberal Education and commitment to our broader communtiy with the mission of  Volunteer Lethbridge, in a resourced partnership that includes both groups as well as the University's Student Union.



“UVolunteer” will: 

  • Enhance the culture of volunteerism and engagement on campus
  • Connect U of L students with volunteer opportunities within the University, Lethbridge, and area communities 
  • Increase volunteer opportunities associated with the University of Lethbridge
  • Engage students in experiential learning
  • Provide recognition to program participants
  • Provide support to faculty to imbed volunteer opportunities in the classroom
  • Build positive relationships with community organizations by providing a valuable human resource
  • Inspire not for profit organizations to utilize student motivation and initiatives
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