Today we want to celebrate and recognize the volunteer work of Precious Owusu-Ware, an international student currently pursuing a master’s researching French linguistics.

What volunteering are you involved in?

I have volunteered with Volunteer Lethbridge, helping as an administrative assistant. I joined the GSA as a board member to assist with disability and accommodated learning.

When did you start volunteering?

As an International student undergrad from Ghana, studying in my undergrad, I was always active in clubs. I volunteered in social clubs that developed students’ professional skills.

Why do you volunteer?

To be involved in the community. It is fulfilling for me to serve a noble cause. It gives me that sense of achievement, giving back and applying myself in the community.

What advice would you share with the community about volunteering?

It gives you a connection to the community you gain experience. As Grad students, we get absorbed in our research. Still, suppose you have the time, just an hour in a week or four hours in a month, to volunteer. In that case, it gives you a magnificent connection to the community, and you gain abilities and experience.

Has volunteering made a difference to you?

As an international student volunteer with the GSA, I can sit at the table and share my thoughts and opinions on decisions that affect students. At Volunteer Lethbridge, I obtained a skill set. That experience applies to my employment. Employers see that skill and time I spent in the community, and I already have acquired the job skills.

Does Volunteerism make a difference in the community?

Back Home in Ghana, volunteering made a vital difference. We were able to plan blood donations and clean up in the community. We were going out cleaning the community on the weekends. We painted old schools, and all those things made a meaningful difference; through volunteering, I improved our community.

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